The Industry’s Highest Drawing
Chemical Injectors!

33/50% Draw Rate

Comes standard with
a long lasting
Ceramic Chlorine Balls

The Super Suds Sucker will draw up to 33% and as much as 500′ of 3/8″ pressure washer hose.  When hooked to the Allison Chemical Induction Pump we have seen as high as 57% chemical draw rate.

There are 4 nozzles that come with the Super Suds Sucker. The one marked #1 is for 2-5 GPM pressure washers, the #2 (already installed) is for 5-6.5 GPM, the #3 is for 6.6 -8.5 GPM and the #4 for pressure washers over 8.5 GPM.


Chemical Induction Pump

For years contractors have been asking for more chemical induction performance. Most injectors will provide up to 10-12% through the injector. Super Suds Sucker injectors provide up to 3 times that much but quite often this is not enough to satisfy the needs of the contractor who is up against a real tough job. To answer this call we have re-valved and balanced a popular ShurFlo pump that will answer the call.  When you install this 12-V pump between the Chemical Supply and Injector and your injector will draw as much as 3 times the normal performance rate.