Buying the Right Pressure Washer Hose

The most common mistake made when purchasing pressure hose is equipping a machine with a hose that has too low a working pressure. A 3000 PSI machine should be equipped with a hose that has a working pressure of more than 3000 PSI. This advice comes from years of field experience using various hoses. Always size the working pressure of the high-pressure hose over the pressure washer operating pressure.

As ex-contractors of the 70’s & 80’s and Beyond using a 2-wire, higher pressure hose was never our first choice simply because it typically weighed almost twice as much as a 1- wire hose. Now days when comparing a 50’ 1-wire 4,000 psi hose to a 2-wire 6,000 psi hose the weight difference is as low as 2 pounds per section.

Hose technology has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. In our days if a hose would last 1-month you would ‘kiss the ground’ and bury it in the nearest dumpster. Now we have customers who tell us that our Serpentine hose will give them as much as 6-months of service.

Let us leave you with these few recommendations for purchasing a hose.

  1. Purchase a 6,000-psi hose even if you are running a 3,000-psi system. The hose will last twice as long and even though it weighs a couple of pounds more it will make your muscles bigger!
    2. For all of you truck washers out there – never position your equipment in the parking lot in such a manner where other tractor/trailers are driving over your hose while you are washing. This is responsible for more hose failures than any other single happening.
    3. For all of you who have been buying ‘Blue’ or ‘Yellow’ Non-Marking hose for all of these years – There is no such thing! The only true non-marking hose in the industry is ‘grey’. Why? Grey hose does not contain ‘carbon-black’. All other colors do and this is what causes marks as the hose vibrates on the surface. ~EnviroSpec