Washing Automobiles

Recommended detergent product is PRO-BLEND.

Liquid detergent concentrate should be downstream injected onto the surface.

Pressure washer should be rated at 2200 PSI @ 4.0 GPM minimum, unless brushing.

Apply a detergent to the vehicle. Pressure wash the detergent off, top to bottom. Keep the nozzle close enough to the surface to clean, but not so close that the pressure could damage anything.

Anytime that a pressure washer with pressures or flows that are less than the recommended minimums are used, brush the vehicle, then rinse.

Apply PlexMaster through the downstream injector to give the car a protective seal. Pre-dilute ½ gallon of concentrate with 4 ½ gallons of water prior to further dilution through the injection system. Rinse with clear water.

When the vehicle is hot, cool down the surface with cold clear water prior to applying the detergent. When the vehicle is cold the use of warm water increases the efficiency of the detergent.

If the vehicle is extremely dirty, power wash the heavy dirt off before applying the detergent. Never allow detergents to dry of the surface. To eliminate mineral spots use soft water. To reduce mineral spots, wash when conditions allow slow drying – example – early evening.

Pricing varies from $1.00 for quick volume washing when not using soap to $15.00 per vehicle when using soap, PlexMaster & towel drying. It also depends on number of cars, frequency of washing, method of washing, sealer applied or not, etc.