Washing Small Aircraft


Recommended detergent product is PRO-BLEND

Pressure and flow rating recommendation varies with the technique used

For the best result use this method, apply detergent concentrate through a down-stream injector. Detergent should not be applied to a greater surface area than can be washed and rinsed prior to drying.

Use a soft vehicle wash brush, a detail brush, or a soap dispensing wash brush to physically agitate all surfaces, then rinse dirt and detergent off.  For the quickest wash method, apply detergent concentrate through a down-stream chemical injector, then power wash off.

Minimum pressure washer requirements are 1500 PSI and 2.2 GPM

Aircraft are very likely to have surface film that is not easily removed without physical contact. This film is held on by an electromagnetic field that is caused by the air passing over the surfaces in flight.

Do not use acids that remove molecules of metal on aircraft. If the surface is hot, cool it down prior to detergent application with cold water. If the surface is cold, warm water increases the efficiency of the detergent

Do not bring the nozzle closer than four inches from the surface.

Pricing varies widely.  Determine how much you want to make per hour and price accordingly.